DnA Elements launched with an organic baby and skincare collection, which left our bodies feeling somewhat envious and neglected. So after much research, and countless hours of blending and formulating, DnA Elements Body Collection has finally arrived and it is all about Organic, Holistic Love for your skin.

All our ingredients are blended in small batches with pure, natural essential oils that permeate and infuse the skin with essential vitamins and minerals that naturally cleanse, moisturise and give new life to your skin. At DnA Elements we are obsessed with bringing you luxurious ingredients from nature that are not only healthy and eco-friendly but that actually work. In addition to being completely natural and organic, all our products are cruelty-free, gluten-free and mostly vegan so you can be sure that each product you buy is not only being kind to your skin, but also the planet and animals with which we share it.